Welcome to BIEN

This site has been created primarily to foster and promote interaction and cooperation amongst individuals and groups concerned about good stewardship of the environmental values of Bruny Island, Tasmania. It is also hoped to develop over time, a good information resource about the natural features of the island. Specialist contributions are most welcome.

Bruny Island lies off the south east coast of the Tasmanian mainland. It is accessible by ferry and home to a small resident population but loved and regularly visited by many thousands each year. In recent years with the advent of eco tourism, the natural features of Bruny Island have attracted world wide attention   Bruny has exceptional natural diversity and a high quality of its’ natural environment.  These features are  protected by an island location, a sustaining of a cohesive and supportive community and limited development pressures.

Bruny is exceptional because it has a wide variety of environments in a geographically small area. Bruny is a microcosm of Tasmania, with a range of micro climates which have produced many different habitats and which, in turn, support an abundance and wide variety of bird and animal life.  The coastline has beaches, dramatic cliffs, tidal wetlands, kelp beds, unique wave cut platforms and shallow bays.  It is a strikingly beautiful place with a reputation for stunning views and vistas.  Unlike many other parts of Australia, much of the original vegetation cover remains and this alone is a significant environmental asset.

As an Island location with some isolation from major development pressures Bruny has been able to retain much of its unique character.  At the same time, being a small island can expose it to rapid change and environmental degradation.

Having a network whose primary concern is to ensure that the Island’s natural and cultural environments are looked after while still providing for sustainable human activities is our core reason for being.


 Moorina Bay

      Majestic old blue gums at Two Tree Point.                                   Moorina Bay