BIEN is a network of individuals and groups interested in the protection and celebration of Bruny Island's natural environment.

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We apologise for our web site being offline recently as we are currently developing a new site.

About Us

BIEN was formed in 2009 and aims to promote the biodiversity, environmental and cultural heritage of the whole island, and to generate resources and support for their protection. It seeks to support economic activity on Bruny that is ecologically sustainable, generates sustainable livelihoods and enhances its values.

Our Members

BIEN members participate in a range of community forums and enquiries and in practical environmental activities such as shorebird nesting site protection, weed removal, revegetation projects and beach clean ups. Through fundraising activities we support research and projects that undertake important work in improving the breeding success of endangered species such as the Forty-spotted pardalote and migratory Swift Parrot.

Latest Work

Our primary fundraising activities are the biennial Bruny Island Bird Festival and our beautiful book "BIRDSONG - A Celebration of Bruny Island Birds"

Bird Song

A celebration of Bruny Island birds
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Bruny Island Bird Festival
14th - 17th October 2016
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