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Bruny: a special place

All of Tasmanian’s endemic birds, vibrant wildlife and ecosystems, a dedicated community wedded to sustainability and a simply stunning range of beautiful environments: from dizzying sea cliffs to gentle woodlands – a place to protect for future generations of all life.

Latest from BIEN

Nestbox design for 40spots

In collaboration with the Difficult Bird Research Group, we trialled reducing the entry hole into nest boxes last season in attempts to find a more successful option for the threatened

TWBBI update November 2024

Nest boxes for forty-spotted pardalotes Manufacture and installation of forty-spotted pardalote (FSPAR) nest boxes was postponed due the increasing observations of FSPAR being excluded and even displaced after commencement of

Convenor’s report 2023

Another exciting year of diverse projects and activities is showcased in the 2023 Convenor’s report, including our flagship Threatened Birds of Bruny Island project, continuing efforts to educate drivers on

The science behind TWBBI

At a recent BIEN meeting, the Threatened Woodland Birds of Bruny Island (TWBBI) project manager Dr Andrew Hingston gave a presentation of the science behind our Threatened Woodland Birds of

TWBBI: the first season

Now only into its sixth month, our Threatened Woodland Birds of Bruny Island project (TWBBI) has achieved more than originally planned, with 760 trees planted across five properties and an

TWBBI – the first three months

Despite only commencing in April, this season (2023) has seen two properties planting almost 400 trees across 4 ha.  Monitoring seedling survival and growth and the use of planted areas

The Giants coming to Bruny

BIEN is excited to host a screening of this amazing film AND to have Bob Brown attend as special guest speaker. Book your seat now! BOOK & PAY HERE

Forty spotted pardalote and Swift Parrot feeding

New project for Bruny Island – TWBBI

Enhancing habitat, providing nesting options and helping to control nest parasites are all part of a new project by BIEN and partners started this autumn that should run over many