Speaker series at the Bruny Island Bird Festival 2018

Ranging from vignettes on undervalued historical figures such as Elizabeth Gould, to detailed statistical analysis of the threats to the endangered Swift Parrot, speakers enthralled up to 60 people in the Speaker Series of this year’s fabulous Bruny Island Bird Festival.

Oration on the intellect of threatened species – First Dog in Church
Who was that Masked Owl?

Not all speakers left a visible trail as some choose to speak only and not use the anti-luddite props of powerpoint, but for those that did, here are the talks:

Tonia Cochran – What really happens at Inala

Kaylene Allan_Cat management

Fi Hume – Spots or stripes

Shannon Troy – Orange bellied parrots

Scott Whitemore – Machine learning birdsong

Sarah Lloyd – Sex and the spring dawn chorus

Ruth Mollison – Elizabeth Gould

Matthew Fielding – Ravens

Criag Webb – Wedgetail Capture

Criag Webb – Rescue to Release Workshop

Clare Hawkins – Where where wedgies

CHRIS TZAROS – Out of the Blue Bruny Bird Festival 2018

Angela Hansen – Quackipedia

Andrew Hingston – Swift Parrots and invasive species

Adan Cisterne = MaskedOwl research