Month: September 2021

  • Exploring the genetics of white gum

    Erin Bok is exploring the genetics of white gum to understand what may be best for the beleaguered 40-spots. She works at UTas under Dr Sally Bryant. Read on for the full story from the ABC.

  • Feathering the nest

    Click the link below to read a terrific story posted in the Sydney Morning Herald. Great work by the tenacious researcher Fernanda Alves of the Difficult Bird Research Group at the Fenner School in Canberra.

  • Workshop for 40-spot nest boxes this weekend!

  • Cat management update August 2021

    Exciting progress is continuing with reducing the impacts of cats in Bruny Island. This latest update includes these highlights: 40 cats (23 feral and 17 stray) removed from the project area. Feral cat control activities underway in the seabird colonies of north Bruny Island. Camera monitoring to estimate cat densities across north Bruny. Bruny Cat […]