About Us

The Bruny Island Environment Network Inc. was established in January, 2009. We are a network of individuals and groups with an interest in the conservation of the natural resources and biodiversity of Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia. The aims and purpose of the network are to:
1.    Promote the biodiversity, cultural heritage and scenic values of Bruny Island and generate resources  and support for their protection.
2.    Support economic activity on Bruny that is ecologically sustainable, generates sustainable livelihoods on the island and enhances its values.
3.    Provide information and support for landholders, the wider Bruny community and visitors about environmental and conservation issues.
4.    Work with private and public landholders to improve environmental outcomes, particularly:

•   Vegetation management,
•    Improved environmental management practices,
•    Environmental education,
•    Management of reserved and protected areas, and
•   Coastal and marine conservation and management

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Bruny Island Environment Network is registered as a not-for-profit (ABN 12 672 483 620).