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  • Climate ACT Now!

    #ClimateActNow Zali Steggall, Independent member for Warringah in NSW who unseated Tony Abbott will introduce the Climate Change bill into parliament. She answers questions here. Show support by signing a petition. Why do we need the Climate Change Act? The recent bushfires and the drought have shown that climate change is an immediate challenge to […]

  • Bruny Island Local Guide App now available!

    The Bruny Island Local Guide provides comprehensive map-based information to visitors touring or staying on Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia. There are also special features for locals. Currently, it is only available for Android-based smartphones. Interactive maps show the locations of the main attractions, restaurants, historical sites and walking tracks. Photos and text explain the history […]

  • Wildlife Conservation Field Day, April 2019

    Over 50 Bruny Islanders participated in a Field Day at Apollo Bay to learn about how to protect and create wildlife habitat and monitor for feral cats and native wildlife. People got involved in the conversations and shared their own hard earned knowledge generously, helping to make the event a collaborative success. Kingborough Council developed […]

  • CONSORT Battery Trial Report

    Set on Bruny Island as a neat microcosm of Australia, and with a single electricity cable supplying the research area, the CONSORT Battery Trial researched how ‘prosumers’ could contribute to a smarter future by sharing household scale solar electricity generation and battery storage with the entire network. ‘Prosumers’ both produce electricity, and consume it. Trial […]

  • Cat management project update July 2019

    Great progress continues with the cat management project, with cat numbers declining, new management approaches being trialed, Bruny Farming taking a major role, and support from the University of Tasmania and the Commonwealth Government continuing. The report attached details cat occupancy and feeding habitats: success in removing both feral and stray cats (122 cats all […]

  • Tree Hollows – A home to suit every need

    Kingborough Council has produced a new brochure, entitled “Tree Hollows – A home to suit every need”. It aims to help people understand the importance of tree hollows and how to retain, or help form this critical habitat. Tree hollows – homes needed by 42 animal species – are now rare in the landscape because […]

  • BIEN Annual Report 2019

    Another great year focusing on Bruny’s unique environment saw: the 2018 Bird Festival fly with over 500 people, laughter, cries of delight and sightings of rare birds the cat management program now implemented, based squarely on science and community participation a tribute seat erected to the generosity of Ross and Jo Denne for donating the […]

  • Speaker series at the 2018 Bruny Island Bird Festival

    Three solid days of talks by experts, researchers, enthusiasts and scientists gave plenty of food for thought, culminating in the provocative and irreverent talk by First Dog on the Moon (censored!).  The speaker series has become a much-loved feature of the Bird Festival and links to many of the talks are found below. Tonia Cochran […]