National recovery plan for 40spots out for comment

The Draft National Recovery Plan for the Forty-spotted Pardalote has now been released for public comment. The draft plan can be accessed from the department’s website at: This is an opportunity for you to review and comment on the plan. The public comment period closes 23 December 2022. If you wish to send in […]

Monitor your nest boxes this Fathers Day

Bird nesting boxes

On Sunday 4 September 2022, we’re asking all 40 spot nestbox owners to monitor their nest boxes. This is very easy and quite exciting! Just spend ten minutes watching the entrance to the nest box for activity. If the box is being used, typically one or more birds will be seen. They may just be […]

Creating tree hollows

Matt Stephens, Environment Officer with NSW Transport, has developed a unique tool to create tree hollows for animals in living trees. BIEN will explore the use of the tool to create hollows for forty-spotted pardalotes and other hollow-nesting species on Bruny Island.

Exploring the genetics of white gum

Erin Bok is exploring the genetics of white gum to understand what may be best for the beleaguered 40-spots. She works at UTas under Dr Sally Bryant. Read on for the full story from the ABC.

Feathering the nest

Click the link below to read a terrific story posted in the Sydney Morning Herald. Great work by the tenacious researcher Fernanda Alves of the Difficult Bird Research Group at the Fenner School in Canberra.

40-spotted workshop: 18 September, Barnes Bay

It’s nesting time again and the 40-spots need our help! BIEN, in partnership with the Forty-spotted pardalote Recovery Team is having a workshop for positive ID of the 40-spot. Specifically aimed at people who have (or want to have) nest boxes, the workshop will cover: identify 40-spot by sight and call signs that the nest […]

40-spot Field day – Inala November 2020

Amongst the towering white gums on Inala, Bruny Land for Wildlife owners saw, heard and learnt about the cryptic Forty-spotted pardalotes from Dr Sally Bryant and our very own Tonia Cochran. Hosted by BIEN, this training day marked the beginning of an exciting citizen science project that will focus initially on helping the 40-spots survive […]