Category: General news

  • National recovery plan for 40spots out for comment

    The Draft National Recovery Plan for the Forty-spotted Pardalote has now been released for public comment. The draft plan can be accessed from the department’s website at: This is an opportunity for you to review and comment on the plan. The public comment period closes 23 December 2022. If you wish to send in […]

  • Caring for Bruny – Linking Biodiversity on Farms video

    In 2011, the Understorey Network, led by Bruny Island-born Oliver Strutt. implemented a program that sought to equip landowners with the best natural values information on their properties. This was followed up with on-ground help with Conservation Volunteers Australia, which helped to improve habitat for Bruny’s fantastic wildlife. These videos, funded by Bookend Trust tell […]

  • Cat management update

    Continued trapping of feral cats – by both project staff and private individuals – is continuing to be successful. Shooting – using a thermal scope to detect body heat at night – is also proving successful and will be very useful for ‘trap-shy’ feral cats. Increasing compliance with the Cat By-law and supply by the […]

  • Cat management update August 2021

    Exciting progress is continuing with reducing the impacts of cats in Bruny Island. This latest update includes these highlights: 40 cats (23 feral and 17 stray) removed from the project area. Feral cat control activities underway in the seabird colonies of north Bruny Island. Camera monitoring to estimate cat densities across north Bruny. Bruny Cat […]

  • 40-spotted workshop: 18 September, Barnes Bay

    It’s nesting time again and the 40-spots need our help! BIEN, in partnership with the Forty-spotted pardalote Recovery Team is having a workshop for positive ID of the 40-spot. Specifically aimed at people who have (or want to have) nest boxes, the workshop will cover: identify 40-spot by sight and call signs that the nest […]

  • Inside with cats

    Inside with Cats is a partnership between Kingborough Council, Ten Lives Cat Centre, Tasmanian Conservation Trust and the Bruny Island Environment Network. This series of 5 videos  introduces six Kingborough cats (along with their humans), who are embracing life on the inside. Inside with Cats is not just about containing cats inside a house, it […]

  • 40-spot Field day – Inala November 2020

    Amongst the towering white gums on Inala, Bruny Land for Wildlife owners saw, heard and learnt about the cryptic Forty-spotted pardalotes from Dr Sally Bryant and our very own Tonia Cochran. Hosted by BIEN, this training day marked the beginning of an exciting citizen science project that will focus initially on helping the 40-spots survive […]

  • Community trapping of stray cats

    Assistance is being offered to Bruny Islanders to trap stray cats on private land.  By arrangement, traps can be borrowed and cats taken to the Cat Facility at Alonnah for assessment and care. We will particularly welcome help in our priority areas which include North Bruny and the Simpsons Bay, Alonnah and Adventure Bay areas. […]

  • 40 Spot field day!

    Come and learn about our sweet Forty-spotted pardalotes: how to recognise them, where and how they live, and what we can do as landowners and citizen scientists to help them survive and thrive. Field Day: 2-5pm Wednesday 18 November at Inala , 320 Cloudy Bay Rd, South Bruny Please register your interest here!

  • Bushfire preparedness

    Friends of North Bruny are hosting an event – Dennes Point Community Hall Saturday 1 August 10.30-12.30 – focusing on reducing fire risk, preparing properties for the fire season and seeking to better protect lives and property in the event of a bushfire. Speakers include: David Bowman – Professor of Pyrogeography & Fire Science, UTAS […]