2018-2019 Environmental Report Card

A combined Huon/Bruny Island environmental report card showed a disappointing drop from 6.5/10 to 3.2/10 in a single year, mainly due to the bushfires that ravaged southern Tasmania over the […]

Roadkill accounting

Citizen scientists monitoring roadkill on Bruny roads over the past 7 months met with researcher Bruce Englefield, presenting the evidence of real hotspots where high rates of vehicle collisions resulted […]

Bruny Environmental Accounts update

Following a presentation by Peter Cosier of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists in 2017, a proposal to undertake work to build a set of accounts for Bruny has been […]

Bruny Environmental Accounts

With roots in 2016, a small band of interested people are developing an approach to accounting across environmental, social and economic indicators for Bruny Island. Bruny Life , a survey […]

Biosphere Reserve

As such a special place, we have been investigating whether Bruny Island and surrounding waters would benefit over the long term by being a Biosphere Reserve.

Nesting shorebirds

Over the past decade, we have each year scouted the beaches for Hooded plovers and put up temporary fences and signage to help protect nesting sites and educate people about […]