Cat management

BIEN actively supports projects on Bruny Island to reduce the impact of feral and straying cats on wildlife.  This includes support for the Council by-law that requires cat-owners to manage their cats effectively to avoid them impacting wildlife and other domestic stock. Kingborough Council continues to support this ambitious set of projects and research efforts and has produced a wonderful brochure that outlines How cat management is saving wildlife on Bruny Island. Partners currently include NRM South, Kingborough Council, Ten Lives Cat Centre and the Commonwealth Government.  The work of the tireless Kaylene Allen has been pivotal in the success of cat management on Bruny. See here for some background to the Bruny Island cat management project. This fact sheet outlines the impacts of feral and stray cats. And this fact sheet examines the impacts of uncontrolled pet cats. If you have a cat, and would like to  transition your pet to confinement:  an animal behaviour expert discusses how to deal with common problems such as stress, scratching, yowling etc.