Use of BIEN funds to support the Cat project

BIEN has partly funded communications on Bruny Island for the Kingborough Council Cat Management ByLaw implementation.
Kaylene Allen from the Kingborough Council has detailed the measures underway. 

A variety of cat containment stories (including some from Bruny) are currently being prepared (print with photos) for promotion/education and use via social media.

Small world documentaries has been engaged & has videoed school activities (as described) for future video clip production.
Small world documentaries are also commissioned to prepare five varied real life stories on cat containment – along the lines of our pilot “Inside with cats – story of Richard Parker” to be tested with cat owners. The filming is ready to go once we get feedback from cat owners.
A Cat Tracker project will likely be up and running by May/June with the
Bruny School to track student/family cats. Based on this work we will
develop graphics for sticker/post cards for Bruny.

Other aspects of the total project are listed below

  •  Wildlife monitoring undertaken by students & PWS on the BI District School property (Nov/Dec 2016); follow-up classroom sessions with Nick Mooney Wildlife Biologist (Feb 2017). A forum will be held in April with PWS (Interpretation Section) & community groups to explore the possibility of Bruny School becoming a ‘Wild School’.
  • The first stage of the community wildlife monitoring project is near completion with over 5000 images from 20 properties across Bruny.  A field day on 23rd April on Bruny will share findings and plan future work. This project is a partnership with Tasmanian Land Conservancy and BIEN.
  • Bruny Island cat owner survey is being distributed (Survey Monkey / email / hard copy) as part of developing By-laws for cat. It has been promoted by word of mouth, meetings with community groups, notices in Bruny News, Council facebook & website, and distributed to 28 cat owners.
  • A mail-out to Bruny rate payers in April is hoping to reach more cat owners. Any ideas on how best to reach and engage cat owners are welcome or if you know of any PLEASE use the contact on the website.
  • Cats have been (and continuing) to be micro-chipped and desexed and where appropriate, re-homed (by Hobart Cat Centre) as a part of the community consultation on By-laws.
  • A site has been selected, preliminary assessments undertaken and a Development Application will be lodged in April for the cat holding facility at Alonnah depot.
    Monitoring of priority at-risk seabirds and shorebirds started Dec 2016 (at and adjacent to the Neck – Lutregala, Fairyland for starters).
  • Field Officer (Brett Woodruff) commenced work in March and is working with UTAS (School of Biological Sciences) to undertake monitoring of feral cats, at risk species and other predators to develop baseline data and inform future control work (focusing at and adjacent to the Neck and North Bruny).


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