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  • Musings on the power of the natural world

    Greetings folks, I am putting down some thoughts on environmental matters from the perspective of being here in Reddish Vale in Greater Manchester half the year and Bruny for the other half. One of the things that’s exercising my mind is the relationship between environmental conservation and community well-being in the management of local natural […]

  • Bruny Island trials world-leading battery storage system to secure energy future

    Tasmania’s Bruny Island community is forging ahead with a world-leading trial of battery storage this weekend.The new system will allow thirty-five residential customers to create a “virtual power plant”, that both supports their own energy needs and feeds back into the grid. Andrew Fraser, Network Innovation Team Leader at TasNetworks, joined Leon Compton on ABC […]

  • Survey of the State of the World’s Wetlands: tell us about a wetland you know

    Why undertake this survey? Knowledge about the status and trends of the world’s remaining wetlands is very patchy and limited. To improve this knowledge, and so as to better inform wetland policy and decision-making, we are conducting a simple worldwide questionnaire survey to gather better knowledge on the state of wetlands. Who is organising the […]

  • Wildlife Monitoring Field Day and BBQ

    Neck Campground, Bruny Island, 6th May 2017, 11am-2pm Over the past 6 months Bruny Island landholders have been collecting valuable scientific data about native and feral species from all parts of Bruny Island. This is an opportunity to come along and hear about what this exciting citizen science project has discovered! The field day will involve: […]

  • Storm Bay fish farm expansion

    Huon Aquaculture announced an intended extension of their salmon farming lease off Trumpeter Bay. This is in addition to both of the other large aquaculture players – Tassal and Petuna, seeking similar leases. A recent meeting between Yachting Australia and Tasmanian Salmonoid Growers Association noted: “The salmonoid industry wishes to expand and the Huon/Channel area […]

  • Use of BIEN funds to support the Cat project

    BIEN has partly funded communications on Bruny Island for the Kingborough Council Cat Management ByLaw implementation. Kaylene Allen from the Kingborough Council has detailed the measures underway. 

  • Bruny Island Bird Festival

    Bird Festival ​Our flagship event is the Bruny Island Bird Festival. The next Festival will be held 19 – 22 October 2018. See our dedicated webpage here.


    BIRDSONG A beautiful book showcasing poems, art and prose celebrating Bruny’s uniquely vibrant avifauna has been published and is now in its second edition. You can see our dedicated web page and order by writing to us.